Cone - Smile For Me 7"/ Crackle Records 7"s


Great melodic punk UK style and another gem from the nice people at Crackle. If there is such a thing as the Crackle sound - then Cone could quite rightly claim to be the definition with songs that hurtle by at a fair pace but never once lose sight of the all important tune. From the storming 'Smile For Me' to the chaotic 'Fade Away', a blur of incessant drums and perfect vocals with the kind of guitars that never 'stand out' as such but sound just fine the way they are. This 7" just gets better and better because the flip side emits a deadly burst of the awesome 'Plastic Mumf' : the best song Chopper never wrote.

I'm really sorry about this but this is, yet again, another review that basically says "its melodic punk and its great, man". Because it is.

Pressing Information

Black Vinyl