Abolitionist/ Fools Rush - Split 7"/ 1859 Records 7"s


This split is very well matched up with two bands from Portland with
slightly different approaches to good political punk. ABOLITIONIST chose
The Bucket Brigade Kills from their It Used to Rain LP. It’s mid paced,
melodic and super catchy. There’s a certain quality to it that brings to
mind an early eighties skate rock sound like T.S.O.L., AGENT ORANGE OR THE
DAMNED. The lyrics are simple enough to stick in your, but are deep and
thoughtful so while you’re singing along they sort of open up and stick in
the back of your mind. I’ve also read a rumor recently that Chad (co-owner
of Food Fight, an all vegan grocery store, is now in the band). On the
flipside is FOOLS RUSH. At first glance you can tell that they’re full of
youthful spirit. The artwork is a drawing of a shaggy haired kid with a
patch-covered backpack full of fliers holding a staple gun. Then, when the
needle hits the record, the feeling is confirmed. Their sound draws
heavily from the young activist folk punk sound that spread like wildfire
a few years back. The vocals even sound a lot like DEFIANCE OHIO, but
backed by jangley
electric guitar and mid paced drumming that almost feels intentionally
slightly sloppy to add emotional intensity. The lyrics are more aggressive
than the music, but fit really well. Every time I put this on I just keep
flipping it over and over. This moldy splattered avocado vinyl is limited
to 300 and comes with digital download codes.

Pressing Information

Mix Vinyl/ 300.