The Credentials - Goocher LP/ 86'd Records and Fanzine/ Dirt Cult LPs


Boston, MA’s THE CREDENTIALS 14-song LP “Goocher” is out now on 180 gram black vinyl. Comes with a 16-page newsprint booklet with lyrics, info, and cool art, plus a download code for MP3s of the record. This release is a split between 86’d, ¡Muy Auténtico Records!, Dirt Cult Records, and It’s Alive Records.

Review from the last LP: "They sound like young guys who yell like they’re street punks, yet won’t admit they’re a pop punk band. The record is pretty high energy, to the point where it actually surprised me when there was a break in between songs. It’s a little sloppy at times, but the heart is there and they don’t wear out their welcome." - Razorcake

Pressing Information

180 Gram Black Vinyl