Big Dick - ST LP/ Dirt Cult LPs


Black vinyl limited to 450 copies.

Big Dick is (are?) a 2-piece band from Ottawa, Ontario. Think Metz/Death From Above/Japandroids.

Brought into the UK from Dirt Cult to help people get copies without paying an arm and a leg for shipping.

From Dirt Cult:

Big Dick are a drum & bass due from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (you know, how of pretty much all of the best bands of the past few years). Named after the belligerent and bass-heavy Nomeansno song, Big Dick have cultivated their sound that borders on progressive punk/post-hardcore tendencies, while also gravitating towards both the melodic and absurdly heavy. This band is equally at ease with their penchant for 90′s era Canadian indie rock as they are with punk, hardcore, and noise rock bands of the last three decades

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Black Vinyl