DUDE JAMS "How To Become A Famous Recording Artist" LP/ ADD Records All


After 16 months of perfecting their craft, fucking off, Dude Jams "How To Become A Famous Recording Artist" has been unleashed onto the world. A comprehensive brochure on how it's done. Sound man of the ages, and purveyor of free beers, Brandon Hamilton, lets you in on his secrets on how to make it big in the industry. Baller status. Punk rock gods. As if Toys That Kill, and Off With Their Heads merged into one big super group lead by a single, solitary dude, who spends most of his time face booking, netflicking, and doing bong rips. Essential! Comes with digital download, and available in all kinds of rad split tone vinyl. 8 versions to be exact. Try em' all dude.

Pressing Information

press run: 550 pressed ( 11 peach / green, 19 turquoise / green, 39 blue / gray, 72 army / gray, 25 brown / gray, 22 pink / pink, 121 pink / gray, 251 red / gray)