Chestnut Road / New Alaska - Split 7" (red vinyl)/ Brassneck 7"s


5 track Red vinyl 7" Limited to 300 copies.
Brassneck Records sleeve limited to 75 stickered / hand-numbered copies.

Following on from Chestnut Road's debut LP earlier this year, this 7" sees 2 brand new songs that are their best yet. Staying true to the style that we love there is plenty of Leatherface, Husker Du, Broccoli, Hooton 3 Car, etc worship going on here.

This is New Alaska's debut vinyl release and sees 3 of the songs from their amazing demo finally pressed on wax where they belong. Solid post hardcore with a heavy Dischord influence and a nod to bands such as Fugazi, Deerhoof, Shudder To Think, etc.

Pressing Information

Red Vinyl