Shellshag - Fuck Society volume 1/ Starcleaner All


We decided to call this record Fuck Society after our favorite song to play live “Fuck Society” by AK77. We’ve always said that it is one of
the best punk rock songs ever to be written, if only for it’s simple sentiment that we all need to scream from time to time.
Out of all the songs on this record, Fuck Society is the only one that is performed by the original artist, it is the original
recording by AK77. We heard it for the first time at the Do Ya Hear We Festival in Chattanooga Tennessee
in the summerr of 2008. Everywhere we went you heard it blaring from our van stereo, and we were performing
the song live by the end of that tour. This record stands as a tribute to these songs we have embraced for so many years,
as well as the artists who wrote them, Special thanks to Chattanooga TN and our friends that live there for helping us with this record.

Wait til Yesterday - Shotwell - from the album Patriot - 2007 Thrillhouse
Don't Change - INXS - from the album Shabooh Shoobah - 1982 Atco/WEA/Mercury
Teenage Kicks - The Undertones - from the album The Undertones - 1979 Sire
The Drawback - Warsaw [Joy Division] - from the album Warsaw - 1994 MPG
Stupid Sun - Hickey - from the album Hickey - 1997 Probe
Fuck and Run - Liz Phair - from the album Exile in Guyville - 1993 Matador

You and Me - Archers of Loaf - from the album Icky Mettle - 1993 Alias
Body of the Bird - Underground Railroad to Candyland - from the album Bird Roughs - 2007 Recess
The Promise - When in Rome - from the album When in Rome - 1988 Virgin
Good Good Things - Descendents - from the album I Don't Want to Grow Up - 1985 New Alliance
Runners Legs - Fleshies - from the album Scrape the Walls - 2006 Alternative Tentacles
Mystery - Wipers - from the album Is This Real? - 1980 Park Ave/Sub Pop/Jackpot
That's Entertainment - The Jam - from the album Sound Effects - 1980 Polydor
Fuck Society - AK77 - from the AK77/Death Statistics split 7" - 2009 Do Ya Hear We

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