Downtown Boys - ST 7"/ Drunken Sailor Records (DrunkenSailor 054) Drunken Sailor Records


Originally released on Sister Polygon Records and re-released to coincide with the debut Downtown Boys 'European tour.
Don't miss this truly whacked out party from Providence, Rhode Island's most dangerous political prisoners.
Downtown Boys are: Victoria Ruiz (vocals) Joey DeFrancesco (guitar/vocals) Emmett Fitzgerald (tenor sax) William Cioffi (alto sax) Norlan Olivo (drums) Daniel Schleiffer(bass)

Recorded by GL Jaguar at Swim Two Birds Studio, Washington DC

"Sure, this will be a controversial superlative, but fuck it, I’m going out on a limb and declaring right now: Downtown Boys are currently the best active punk band in the United States.
I don’t make such statements carelessly.
Providence, Rhode Island’s Downtown Boys may not be a household name, even in most punk houses, but they should be. The six-piece utilizes highly danceable manic punk blasts as a soapbox for their confrontational but heartfelt radical political screeds. The self-billed “bilingual political sax dance punk party” draws many influences together to create something that sounds familiar enough to pull you onto its frantic wavelength, but refreshing enough to keep you there. One might detect hints of The Fall, Bikini Kill, The Contortions, and The Ex, as much as the obvious comparison, X Ray Spex, who Downtown Boys share more in common with sonically than simply a saxophone and female singer."
Dangerous Minds.

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European tour dates
24.05.2016 Münster, DE - LWL Museum
25.05.2016 Berlin, DE - Bei Ruth
26.05.2016 Groningen, NE - Vera
27.05.2016 Antwerp, BE - Het bos
28.05.2016 Brighton, UK – Green Door Store (early show)
29.05.2016 Leeds, UK - Wharf Chambers
30.05.2016 Durham, UK - Alington House (early show)
30.05.2016 Glasgow, UK – Old Hairdressers
31.05.2016 London, UK - Dalston Victoria
01.06.2016 Lille, FR - La Peniche
02.06.2016 Reims, FR - La Cartonnerie Club
03.06.2016 Paris, FR – La Mecanique Ondulatoire
04.06.2016 Nimes, FR – This Is Not A Love Song Fest
05.06.2016 Barcelona, ES – Primavera Festival (free show)
06.06.2016 Impreria, IT - ARCI Camalli
07.06.2016 Milan, IT - Sacrestia
08.06.2016 Nuremberg, DE - K 4
09.06.2016 Zagreb, CR - Mocvara
10.06.2016 Vienna, AU - Ekh
11.06.2016 Würzburg, DE - Cairo
12.06.2016 Darmstadt, DE - Öttinger Villa

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300 Black Vinyl