PRIMITIVE HANDS - Heartless Man 7"/ Alien Snatch New Stuff


Brian Hildebrand took some Bowie-style Berlin off days after a DEMONS CLAWS tour in ended of 2017. He spent night after night at Wowsville Bar for teaming up with the local crust. Finally, he got the cream, the matators and ambassadors of rolling rock - THE BIKES and SLANDER TONGUE Klaus for recording new songs for a PRIMITIVE HANDS 7". They left XBerg to a Berlin bunker with a four track tape recorder and they spit out three live ´79 style punk smokers. They re-appeared for one show only at Wowsville, then Brian got deported to Canada. End of season one. The b side songs (Emergency/C.I.A) clock under two minutes and screw thru stone like rough TESTORS or CRIME singles on a portable. The title track is a dark bigfoot paced STOOGES/MC5 - yeah - HEARTRIPPER! The 45 comes in two different sleeves done by DEUX SEPT in a facsimile GOODBYE BOOZY style, photocopied and folded paper stock, black inner sleeve, each edition is machine numbered. All songs by Hildebrand. Mastered by Canada Hand Matt Blackburn. Apart from misleading ingredients list, it´s a smoke and meat-free vinyl only product!

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Black Vinyl