Nasty Rumours - Singles LP/ No Front Teeth New Stuff


NASTY RUMOURS is a Powerpop / '77 Punkrock band from Bern, Switzerland.
Four multiplied by seven is twelve as Adam Riese and Casino Steel already knew when having developed the formula for the Vinyl Spin Factor reduction in inverse ratio to the consumption of ice cold hop & malt beverages.
An established method now picked up by the Powerpop Heartbreakers of the Bern Razorblade Forge NASTY RUMOURS to collect their Singles released on Wanda Records and No Front Teeth from 2014 to 2016 in the joint-friendly but liver-thrilling 12″ format, less time to turn over the singles, more time to drink.

The ragtag result is a ten song collection of snotty and smart BUZZCOCKS style chorals for “First Time” ruffians on a “Cop Cars” wayward path whose LURKERS discography (Beggars Banquet days only) is complete from “Freak Show” to “Out In The Dark” and equipped with a positively gooey northern-irish teenage heart charme in the vein of the TEARJERKERS, PROTEX and UNDERTONES.
Should you be going to understand this interlaced story of fabulated compliments as an invitation to buy this record ? Yes, squire, it´s explicitly recommended !

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White Vinyl