Fashionism - Back In The Day 7"/ Neon Taste New Stuff


It's always a great day in my life when we get a new release from Fashionism. So that makes today a great day! "Back In The Day" is the Vancouver outfit's 4th single already - and the debut release from Neon Taste Records. I would probably describe Fashionism as the best current band to have not yet released an LP. But seriously: as long as the band keeps turning out singles this good, I will have no complaints about the absence of an album! "Back In The Day" does not disappoint in the least. It's precisely what we've come to expect from Fashionism: top-tier powerpop/punk with a palpable glam influence. And as always, the band proves to have something serious to say without taking itself too seriously. The title track opines on the sham nostalgia that plagues punk culture, while "One Shot" salutes the glories of almighty caffeine. The latter just might be my favorite of the two. It's as pop as a punk song can be, but it isn't pop-punk. Think Boys, Generation X, etc.

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