POBREZA MENTAL- Ya No Me Pertenezco 7"/ Toxic State All


After an excellent demo back in 2017, we get the debut vinyl from New York’s Pobreza Mental. I’m glad this one stayed in the percolator for a while, because it displays a notable amount of range across its five tracks. I hear some of the off-kilter rhythms of contemporary Spanish punk bands like Una Bestia Incontrolable, a lot of the wild sounds of early South American hardcore, and some catchy UK82-style riffs. While some moments sound primitive, others like the inventive drumbeat in “Tormenta” and the ripping guitar solo starting “Nowhere to Go” are more ambitious. While Ya No Me Pertenezco is unpretentious in its delivery, this is a record packed with surprising twists and turns. And, as per usual with Toxic State, the gritty recording, beautiful artwork, and handmade packaging are all 100% on point.
Sorry State.

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Black Vinyl