COLOURED BALLS- Won't You Make Up Your Mind 7"/ Just Add Water New Stuff


First-time-ever unique pairing of two of COLOURED BALLS' most savage bangers. Talk about being ahead of your time. This would have been right at home on Chiswick Records circa '76. If only EMI Australia would have had the *balls* to release "Won't You Make Up Your Mind" as a single back in ‘73. Punk would have started three years earlier in Australia if that had been the case. It ended up as an album track on their godhead “Ball Power” long player. “Devil’s Disciple”, one of their greatest tunes, was originally relegated to the b-side of their September ‘73 single “Mess Of The Blues”. "Won't You Make Up Your Mind" has never appeared on a 7" before and this the first time "Devil's Disciple" has been available on vinyl since it was originally released.

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Black Vinyl