Ty Segall And Mikal Cronin – Pop Song -7"/ Goodbye Boozy New Stuff


"Two of the hardest working men in garage rock / psych, Ty Segall and Mikel Cronin,
are to have one of their long out of date 7” records – ‘Pop Song’ b/w/ ’So I went to beach, melody’
and ‘Kit Carson’, re-released on Italy’s Goodbye Boozy imprint. All three tracks on the EP are short, messy, scuzzy slabs of garage rock, and the label have shared the middle track of the three.
‘So, I Went To Beach‘ and ‘Melody’ are two very short songs, as the pair wreck it up a touch
of singing on the former (none on melody), while both are packed with filthy riffs, splashy drums,
and very little else. We love it."
-Backseat Mafia-
Limited 250 copies

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Black Vinyl