Reiz - Das Kind wird ein Erfolg LP/ Spastic Fantastic Records New Stuff


Three years after the official debut of the unofficial Shocks successor comes the long-awaited follow-up in the field of Piedmont cherry on the sour cream of the German-speaking punk landscape in the form of a new long-playing record with the effective title "The child will be a success". Finally REIZ-Time again with their sugar-sweet mix of hectic 70s punk, garage and power pop - just in time for lockdown summer 2020. Recorded by Thierry, mixed and mastered in Hanno Janßen's Dickehler studio, drummer and sound man of the band dead together what belongs together. So soon this record in the pen of exquisite connoisseurs. In cooperation with Spastic Fantastic Records and Pifia Records

Pressing Information

Orange Vinyl