Skimmer - Tufty Club 7"/ Crackle Records 7"s


I ask you. Tufty Club indeed. Tsk. Only these guys would dare to be so cute.

So what have we here? Well, I'll be darned if it isn't 4 songs from those arch UK pop punk meisters, Skimmer! So you know what's in store: belting catchy songs, high pitched vocals, and your toes tapping a long to the beat. So what if they all sort of sound a bit the same! Skimmer is great, and you know it. They have song titles like "The Only Thing I Like About You Is Your Girlfriend" and all the time they play at 99mph whilst maintaining the POP. They have lyrics like "I used to think if I was you life couldn't get much better, unless of course I was Bart, then I'd say 'Oh man', 'No way', 'Cool', and I'd be yellow. My adventures would be smart" then write a sad song called "Tired of Being Ugly". Goddamn.

It's Skimmer. They have that cat cartoon character. They're best experienced on 7". They rock the world, or for a few at least. You'd better believe it.

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Black Vinyl