RUMSPRINGER – STAY AFLOAT LP/ Dirt Cult (Exclusive Euro Colour Vinyl) LPs


Raw, visceral punk. At first listen, it’s a collage of Northern California/Chicago-based punk bands with a palpable energy that’s neither disturbingly lacking in production nor ripping off idols. The subject matter is both devastating and uplifting, in a strangely comforting way. Rumspringer has been and remains one of my favorite current bands, and I’m happy to be releasing this, their second LP. Limited to 100 color copies (mailorder only) and 100 European only copies available soon from Drunken Sailor Records.

Will send you a download code as soon as possible.

This is a pre-order, this, the Brain Attack 7"/ Daylight Robbery 7" will ship as soon as I get them off Dirt Cult.

Pressing Information

100 Exclusive Yellow Vinyl