DECKER "Rekced" LP/ ADD Records ADD Records


Dave Decker (Too Many Daves, Clairmel, VSJR, Watson) has been crafting his unique songwriting skills since way back in Gainesville FL. in 1991 when his band Clairmel shared the stage of the Hardback with bands like Radon, and Hot Water Music. Dave's new 13 song offering for his band DECKER, which includes Bill Clower (Radon) on drums, and Todd Rockhill (Discount) on bass, is the most honest, and well crafted batch of songs he has ever recorded to this point. A dark look into the constant grind of life's disappointments, and the struggle to triumph over adversity after many, many, setbacks. In Dave's words "eventually, shit works". This record was recorded by Rob Mcgregor at Goldentone studios in Gainesville. Amazing artwork and layout by Jason Lubrano (Iron Chic).

Pressing Information

500 Multi coloured