TURKISH TECHNO / THE ANCHOR split 7"/ ADD Records ADD Records


Turkish Techno: Riverside, CA is a rough gig for anyone who’s not a knuckledragger or a meth-head. It’s almost impossible to not choke on all the chrome ball sacks hanging off the differentials of jacked-up pickups. House parties are systematically busted. Beer in bars such as Worthington’s is served warm. Turkish Techno closes the ranks and holds off the siege with a wall of sound, friend/gang vocals, supercharged everything, bordering on reckless. Listening to them is like fingering a cocked mouse trap in a room full of mouse traps. Every time I’ve seen these dudes live, one of them has been injured: broken legs and motorcycle pipe burns. Anchor: Ever think—and no disrespect—that Hot Water Music just got too complicated near the end? That their tear-it-apart energy of the Circle Jerks was given a rest for something more shiny and complex? The Anchor rip the last couple of chapters of that book out, starting off at the point where the Angry Samoans could still be cited as a credible reference… and then they shoot their instruments into the sky. Stratospheric and fisticuffy.


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Dark Grey Mix