Madison Bloodbath: Invert WWII propaganda into the woes of personal relationships. Torpedoes sink battleships. of love. Loose lips reveal to the enemy. er. ex-girlfriends who leak your secret infiltration plans, dismantling your current boner. Madison Bloodbath are the exact middle between having a righteous rainbow-filled tree air-freshener tattooed above directly above one's butt and having a real job with benefits and paid vacation time. Sunnyside: Contemplate what to do with their lives after it's too late to die young. After surviving the accidents and the surgical dismantling of their lives called "their twenties in DIY punk bands," these San Diegans negotiate legitimate mental illness and doing one's best to navigate through the thorns and flat tires of life: The voices in your head that won't shut up and the perfect poisons, prescribed and otherwise. Is your life backfiring so bad the back of the muffler of all your ideals has blown off, but you still believe in something. Sunnyside's smiling at you through that haze.

For fans of: Low self esteem, pointing a bazooka of bad ideas at one own's foot, but still not blowing one's foot off, dogged resilience, people with tattoos that, if you squint, really tight look like it says "dumb," Tiltwheel, and continents where no one wears shirts or drinks light beer.

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Brown and Purple Vinyl