DUDE JAMS / TOO MANY DAVES split 7"/ ADD Records ADD Records


Dude Jams: Bearded guy in Dude Jams with little kittens on his short socks. “You want some of this? I’ll fuckin’ kill you.” Three gangsters in a lowered Lexus glower. The light turns green. They just stare. Dude Jams guy slaps his chest. The car slowly creeps through a red light. Dude Jams was pretty close to losing a member. Point? Not quite sure how Dude Jams avoid being a complete Crimpshrine mess; it’s almost like a Yoda / droid trick, except that the music’s just slapping you in your face with your own hands, like they shouldn’t be able to get away so easily with what they’re pulling off… but they do. Too Many Daves: None of the following is true. 1.) This record was performed in blackface. 2.) It was recorded at an AA meeting. 3.) Like the new Misfits, there’s a strict dietary and exercise regimen to be a member. 4.) They write their set lists on sticks of butter. The following is true: going through life fat and stupid is, actually, a brilliant way to handle the almost unbearable weight of existence. Let the Daves’ music guide you to a better place, where no one actually knows much of anything except that partying’s tight and self-destruction can be a creative act.

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