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Car City has fallen seemingly out of the sky and crashed into the unsuspecting ears of the world. Hailing from Appleton, Wisconsin, the group is unapologetically power pop teeming with big guitars and fuzzy bass. Centering on harmony drenched hummable melodies; the songs take you for a cruise down Sugar Rock Lane. What is this music and where did it come from? These tunes have been bouncing around the singer/songwriter Jason Lemke’s head for decades like fireflies in a jar just waiting for the right collection of roots rocker punks to assemble, twist off the lid, and give them flight. Initial sessions began at Crutch of Memory Studios in Appleton WI in early summer 2017, and wrapped in winter of that year with no expectations; just an idea of a sound and desire to create. Inspired by 90s alt power pop (ala Teenage Fanclub) the songs quickly formulated into nine three-minute fuzz-soaked slices of hard pop. The lyrical content is varied ranging from philosophical meanderings to relationship drama to self-discovery and reconciliation of lost innocence and misspent youth. What really comes through is live energy; although most of the tracks are mid-tempo stompers. You can feel an electricity that only comes from a chemistry of individuals having fun hanging out and making excellent music in spite of themselves. The Car City roster is made up of Jason Lemke (88mph), Amos Pitsch (Dusk, Tenement), Walt Hamburger (Joey Cape’s One Week Records), Bill Grasley (Reality Something, Traveling Suitcase), and Timm Buechler (Paul Collins Beat, Rebel Waltz); five individuals who came together in effort to make music for the sake of music.

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