CT​-​85 - Self​-​Titled CS/ Not Normal New Stuff


Who or what is a CT-85?

The harbingers of Hardcore 2018? Elitist jabbing at mid-paced mediocrity? A series of clandestine government experimentations? An underground militia dedicated to society's destruction?

Nah, mate, just some punks from Chicago.

CT-85's first analog outing, a necessary demonstration of speed and fury, releases October 2nd, 2018 in a first press edition of 100, on clear cassette, with 11 possible variations of the cover done by the members of the band.


1. Born As A Mistake
2. The One About Your Boss
3. Punk Frat
4. Empty Gesture
5. Mommy
6. Gay Landlord
7. We Killed All The Politicians, I Picked Hillary Clinton
8. Dreaming
9. No One Ever Said Punk Was Gonna Be Easy

Pressing Information