the Lipschitz - Lava CS/ Not Normal New Stuff


It's a rarity, we'll confess, that a band can successfully straddle that fragile line between past and present. Who can be trusted to channel that sorta cigarette danglin' between the lips, worn denim jacket, wind swept hair, retro cool while their walkin' like some atom-brained, circuit-hearted detached android?

The answer is here: the Lipschitz, a coupla Georgian expats who've come to Chicago serve a potent mix of that Dead Moon Americana, that snotty OC surf-punk, and what I'm sure Reatards fans THINK they're listening to.

LAVA, a stellar, ten track full-length CS from what is sure to be your new favorite band, releases July 20th, 2018 in a first press edition of 100, on translucent red tape, with double-sided insert.

Any digital purchases placed before July 20th will NOT have full artwork available. NNT send a zip file within a week of official week with all the goods.

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