Sneaky Pinks - ST LP/ Almost Ready Records New Stuff


Hey there dudes!
I got something for you!
I think you're gonna like it!
It ain't something that you've had before so don't knock it till you try it! It's something you can buy at the store! Something that I made in my room! It's so NEW! It's so PUNK! I hope you brought your spoon!
All the kids from coast to coast are getting so excited!
And YOU are the lucky so & so who's going to get to try it!
I hope you brought your appetite! You won't want to stop!
You'll be HOOKED on this new treat once you've had your first drop!
So grab a girl or grab a guy, but don't forget your cup!
I'm so eager to give it to you that I just might throw up!
Close your eyes! Open your mouth! Here comes the plane!
It's so full of flavor AND...
It's totally INSANE!
Ladies & Germs,
Bone Apple Tea,
-Jason Chaplin

Pressing Information

Black Vinyl