Ritual Warfare - Repulsive Addiction 7" EP/ Sewercide Records New Stuff


Total world extermination. Total fucking annihilation. The two headed beast known as Ritual Warfare has risen from the depths of Hellifax to unleash a bombshell of brutality not witnessed here in years. Starting off 2019 with a devastating cassette demo tape (that has been played practically ‘til disintegration here at HQ), this pair of maritime metal vets have spent a good chunk of the past 20 years playing in bands like Spew, Napalm Raid, Hellacaust and many more. Harnessing the true sound of old school death / thrash metal, the group has begun expanding their arsenal with a full band as well as this new 3 song 7” for Sewercide, their vinyl debut. If your record collection features Lps from Slaughter, Repulsion, Possessed and Venom, you’re going to dig this one. Limited to 300 copies on BLOODFUCKER RED vinyl, expect a special variant for all pre-order copies. Commence human slaughter

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Red Vinyl