BLITZ- Time Bomb: Early Singles and Demo Collection LP/ Radiation New Stuff


[A1] Escape (1980 Demo)
[A2] 4Q (1980 Demo)
[A3] Youth (1980 Demo)
[A4] Bleed (1980 Demo)
[A5] Criminal Damage (1980 Demo)
[A6] Someone's Gonna Die (All Out Attack EP)
[A7] Attack (All Out Attack EP)
[A8] Fight To Live (All Out Attack EP)
[A9] 45 Revolutions (All Out Attack EP)
[A10] Time Bomb (Time Bomb Demos)
[A11] Criminal Damage (Time Bomb Demos)
[A12] 4Q (Time Bomb Demos)
[B13] Razors In The Night (Single)
[B14] Never Surrender (Single)
[B15] Warriors (Single)
[B16] Youth (Single)
[B17] I Don't Need You (LP Demo)
[B18] Propaganda (LP Demo)
[B19] Closedown (LP Demo)
[B20] Your Revolution (LP Demo)
[B21] New Age (Single)
[B22] Fatigue (Single)
[B23] Bleed (Re-Mix) (Single)

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Black Vinyl