Remote Control - S/T- 7"/ Under The Gun New Stuff


Right before the shit was thrown into the fan factory, Ishka posted a fairly ominous story. In it was 5 tapes, all with hand drawn covers. No info about release date, genre or any thing else. Just five tapes and no caption. The following is a recreation of the conversation that followed

UHR EMPL: how much for one?


UHR EMPL: easy whats your paypal?

About a week later I got the tape. REMOTE CONTROL - DEMO. After the tape finished playing, i put it on again, and then again, and then again and again in a loop of sameness and sheep like behavior. It quickly became my most listened too tape, staying on top of my tape deck instead of on the shelf, constantly having dust flicked off it.

Remote Control is the most paranoid and fearful record Ishka will likely ever spit out, perhaps a psychic premonition of the future years. Four songs in just over 5 minutes, riff after riff after hit feeling claustrophobic and choked in a sense of anger and snarling sass. This is all underpinned with a huge amount of electronic experimentation, best seen on the B Side. Ishkas always had a knack for a synth but this shows hes truley one with the instrument. Taking ideas and phrases from the A Side and making a whole new piece in a genius medley of sound and strangeness

The tape became my most played tape, this is partially because its as close to perfect as hardcore can get, but also because Ishka never put the damn thing online. Two tracks leaked to youtube but 60% of the tape remained unleaked. I got two discogs messages asking to buy it off me offering prices in the triple digits, but i denied them. This was gonna be released eventually, right?

Well its coming up to two years since then and no one has fucking done it, granted no one has heard this but WHAT THE FUCK. I dont wanna be THAT collector. I must spread the infection as far as I can. The range of a TV remote may be 10 meters, but this record needs to go further than that range. And for fucks sakes I need to preserve my tape deck more I havent found a good one in two years

Under Heat is proud to Partner with Under The Gun to put this stone cold classic to WAX

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