Martha/ Benny The Jet Rodriguez repress on Yellow Vinyl

Posted on December 10th, 2015

Back in stock and shipping, one of the best splits from 2015. Sold out in a couple of weeks the first time, don't sleep on this!

Marvelous Mark - 'Crushin LP and Malos Modales - Cronicas Terrestres EP will both be out in early January. Streams and Pre-Orders up around the week ending 18th December.

Wonk Unit LP repress, Martha - Sycamore 7" etc

Posted on October 11th, 2015

Next week we will have the 2nd pressing of Wonk Unit - Feel The Wonkness on white vinyl. Catch them on their US tour down to Fest with The Raging Nathans. Also recent released is the repressing of the Martha - Sycamore 7" (green vinyl). We will also have the repress of the Martha/ Benny The Jet Rodriguez 7" soon.

Loads of stuff in the pipeline. Excited to be releasing the Spokenest - Gone, Gone, Gone LP in Europe. Ex members of God Equals Genocide, will be out early 2016.

Wonk Unit - Feel The Wonkness LP OUT NOW!

Posted on July 17th, 2015

Wonk Unit were formed several years ago by Alex Johnson, formerly of The Flying Medallions, I’m told they began as a performance art project, essentially a vehicle for vocalist Alex. Alex Johnson is a one off. He provokes reaction. Poet, songwriter, performer, "tourtured soul", there isn't much that life hasn't already thrown at him.
Wonk Unit have released several albums on CD and become one of the hardest working bands in the UK, playing countless gigs (I mean, they even have their own festival, Wonk Fest!).
An obvious reference point would be Snuff (hell, Duncan Redmonds even plays on some songs and occasionally drums for them live), with the perfect UK pop- punk sound, organ and horns. Wonk Unit are much more than that though, with songs that are fun, energetic, heartfelt, thought provoking, angry, hilarious, exciting and catchy as fuck.
Never afraid to push boundaries, whilst having a sound born out of Snuff/ Wat Tyler/ China Drum, they still have an originality that makes them unique.
With songs chosen by the band, Johanns Face and Drunken Sailor and taken from the albums 'Trolleys, Muffy, Nervous Racehorse and a couple of exclusive songs, we think it is the perfect introduction to one of the best UK bands.

Vinyl (Drunken Sailor Records), Digital (Johanns Face Records)
Mastered by North London Bomb Mastering.
First 100 on Green Vinyl, comes with instant download (also a download card with the LP for people who prefer lossless) and insert.

Also grab the amazing Marvelous Mark - Bite Me 7" EP.

Marvelous Mark is the moniker of Mark Fosco, formerly of the band Marvelous Darlings, which also included Matt Delong from No Warning and Ben Cook who plays guitar in Fucked Up. Essentially they were a Toronto punk supergroup "before they were famous", but their limited catalogue - a string of seven-inches - stuck like staples within a cult fanbase long after they called it quits.
Now Mark has a solo project. With the title track previously released on Ben Cook's own label Bad Actors, Bite Me is made up of three succinct tracks so infectious they should come with their own NHS advice leaflet. We’re talking power-pop with punk roots.
It's every bit as brilliant as you'd expect from a guy who uses "Marvelous" as a prelude to his actual name.
Sound of your summer.

Basement Benders - ST EP 7", Martha/ Benny The Jet Rodriguez 7" and Marvelous Mark 7" COMING SOON

Posted on February 17th, 2015

The Basement Benders debut 7" will be up for sale real soon. Split release between Drunken Sailor and Dead Broke. Basement Benders feature members of Cleveland Bound Death Sentence, This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb, Future Virgins, Sexy, Hidden Spots, Dark Rides, Tulsa, to name but a few. Grab their demo HERE

The Basement Benders DEMO

Also coming up toward the end of March, Martha/ Benny The Jet Rodriguez split 7". Martha are an amazing DIY Pop band from Durham, members of ONSIND and No Ditching. Benny The Jet Rodriguez, signed to Recess and play some of the best sun drenched indie pop that San Pedro bands seem to excel in.

And last but not least, Marvelous Mark - Bite Me EP. Marvelous Mark spent the latter half of the '00s as part of Toronto's Marvelous Darlings who mixed punk and powerpop garage and also featured Fucked Up's Ben Cook. He and Cook also released a 7" in 2012 on Slumberland under the name Roommates. Marvelous Mark continues to make ear-burrowing hooks and melodies on his own. First up is a single, "Bite Me," is the kind of song you'll be humming along with before it's over.