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Stay Clean Jolene debut LP out now!

Go grab it on Black Vinyl and Limited Red Vinyl. Released in the UK on Drunken Sailor, in the US on our friends Dead Broke and Rad Girlfriend, Japan on Eager Beaver. Pick up the CD at Bombed Out and JSNTGM.

The Basement Benders UK Tour starts next Saturday, don't miss them. Featuring members of This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb, Hidden Spots, future Virgins, Sexy, Tulsa, Black Rainbow, Cleveland Bound Death Sentence.

Saturday 20th December
Matinee Show.
13th Note 50-60 King St Glasgow G1 5QT
Event page.

Kage Nightclub. 4 St Andrew’s Ln, Dundee, Angus DD1 2EY
Event page.

Sunday 21st December
Rigger Rock Venue Marsh Parade, ST5 1BT Newcastle under Lyme.
Event page.

Monday 22nd December.
Death or Glory Records, 3 Church Green W Redditch, Worcestershire B97

Tuesday 23rd December.
Windmill Brixton 22 Blenheim Gardens, SW2 5BZ London
Event Page.

Their 7″ is coming soon on Drunken Sailor/ Dead Broke.

Posted on December 12th, 2014
No Sir I Won't - Shit 12" EP Now On Sale

Boston Anarcho Punks, made up of ex and current members of Surrender Libyans, Witches With Dicks, Shithead, Brain Killer and Foreign Objects, release their new 12" EP, Shit.

Crow Bait - Separate Stations EP will also go up for pre-order on Monday. Prince 7" will be up for sale in a couple of weeks

Posted on October 24th, 2014
Baby Ghosts - Maybe Ghosts LPs are here! Loads of stuff added to the distro. Now carrying all Dead Broke Rekerds!

Baby Ghosts - Maybe Ghosts LP, now in the store and shipping.

Only have a couple left on colour. Don't snooze on these!

Baby Ghosts, are a punk band with roots in the Provo/SLC areas. With their second full length release “Maybe Ghosts,” Baby Ghosts continue with their creative and quirky punk tunes. With a lo-fi sound that fills each track with a inviting fuzziness, Baby Ghosts deliver another fantastic combination of it’s garage sound, stylistic vocals, and dynamic atmosphere.
The point that keeps coming back with “Maybe Ghosts” is the atmosphere around the 12 tracks. The tracks are pretty straightforward in composition, but what makes Baby Ghosts unique is the nature of the songs. In simple terms, this album will rule your life. 

Still have copies of The Fur Coats - The League of Extraordinary Octopuses LP and Earth Girls - Wrong Side Of History 7". Both amazing.

Now distributing all Dead Broke Rekerds releases in Europe. One of my favourite labels out there, here on in you can grab all their past and future releases right here. In the store now includes the Unfun - Shores 12", Iron Chic - Not Like This (On Red Vinyl!!), Beach Slang 7" and loads more. Mike has also sent some of the amazing Crow Bait LP.

Still carry all Dirt Cult and ADD Records releases

Loads of stuff added to the distro including the amazing Big Boys Tribute on Stiff Hombre (inc Toys That Kill, Low Culture, Night Birds, Neighborhood Brats), Hassler LP, Radioactivity new 7", The Number Ones, Frau 7", The Beltones LP, Merchandise/ Milk Music/ Destruction Unit 12".....loads more.

Prince 7" will be here soon. No Sir I Won't - Shit 12" will be out in October. Releasing an amazing new 7" from Crow Bait, hopefully in time for Fest, co-released with the awesome Dirt Cult. Stay Clean Jolene debut LP will be out in December.

Audacity start their debut UK tour on September 21st in London. Go catch em! The Fur Coats are gonna be playing some special dates in the UK in October.

All Drunken Sailor stuff is distributed in Europe via Plastic Head and in the US by Ebullition

Posted on September 7th, 2014

Slow Death UK tour starts Monday 16th June, support on all dates from Epic Problem

New Releases

The Fur Coats - The League Of Extraordinary Octopuses LP (split label with Dirt Cult and Artistic Integrity)

Baby Ghosts - LP

Earth Girls - ST 7" (Members of Daylight Robbery, Boilerman, Broken Prayer, Libyans. Split label release with Grave Mistake).

These 2 records will be up in the store to order from Tuesday 10th June

Loads of stuff coming, including Martha/ Benny The Jet Rodriguez 7", No Sir I Won't 12", Prince 7", The Sweatshop Boys 7", Baby Ghosts LP and Stay Clean Jolene LP
You can now pick up all Dirt Cult and ADD Records stuff in the store, no more paying those crazy shipping fees.
Audacity UK tour coming up in September.

Posted on April 15th, 2014