Pleroma - Vitriol 12"/ Push My Buttons New Stuff


We are so happy to release this debut EP from Anton Spetze of Holograms!
The band also features Andreas and Oliver from Holograms but this is the soloproject from Anton.

Orders come with a free poster as long as there are any left!

Like poisonous clouds over destroyed and deserted cities, reverberating guitars sweeps through the music and broadens the sound to cover whole deserts of radioactive ash. The melodies are monumental and ominous and have a significant role side by side with Anton Spetzes self-confident lead vocals. Pleroma works in the same tradition as other post apocalyptic rock bands like early Gun Club and to some extent Killing Joke. The sound is influenced as much by the bands above as with the current unsafe state of the western world, a time where the decline seem to have already begun. Pleroma plays loud and heavily electrified for you from the other side of the abyss, from beyond the nuclear world war and the inevitable apocalypse

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Black Vinyl