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2014 Upcoming releases

Loads of new stuff planned for 2014 including Benny The Jet Rodriguez/ Martha 7", The Fur Coats LP, Baby Ghosts LP, Stay Clean Jolene LP and loads more.

Pick up the amazing new LP from Murmurs (not many left on colour), the Husker Du Tribute 7" (inc Tenement/ Bent Outta Shape etc), A Page Of Punk - Fools Punk Line LP. Loads of stuff added every week to the distro.

There is a free/ pay what you want sampler up on my site HERE

Posted on January 7th, 2014
A Page Of Punk/ Werewolves On Motorcycles 'Japanese Tour 7" NOW ON SALE

Now on sale to coincide with their joint Japanese tourĀ 

The brand new split 7" from A Page Of Punk and Werewolves On Motorcycles

4 different colour sleeves

Anyone waiting on the Husker Du Tribute 7" and the Murmurs LP, Sorry! There is a hold up at the plant where it is being pressed in the US, they have promised they will be ready any day now and Dead Broke will ship them straight over to me.

Posted on October 3rd, 2013