Shoppers / Panzram - Split 7"/ Feeble Minds 7"s


Southern Florida and Upstate New York collide in a varied snapshot of modern day East Coast noise punk. Ft. Myers, Florida's PANZRAM display their unique take on early ABC-No-Rio-era NYHC with two new dissonant, pummeling anthems. Backed with the blown-out pop stylings of Syracuse, NY's SHOPPERS whose musical reference call out to early no-wave, riot grrl and post-punk. A match made in heaven. This is a split release with IFB Records.


  1. Born With A Bad Haircut (Panzram)
  2. Cause Celebre (Panzram)
  3. I (Shoppers)
  4. II (Shoppers)

Pressing Information

Black Vinyl