Gleam Garden/Browntrout/The Because/Your Pest Band - 4 Way Split 7"/ Dead Broke Rekerds 7"s


Vol. 3 in the split 7 " series and it's the best of punk rock from JAPAN! *Previously unreleased songs from: GLEAM GARDEN / BROWNTROUT / THE BECAUSE / YOUR PEST BAND! Artwork by the wonderful wizard known as Lubrano @ Righteous Indignation. One dollar from every record sold will go to benefit Japan Red Cross for Japanese tsunami relief. 500 pressed on MIXED COLOR VINYL! (Comes w/ download)


  1. The Shadow Behind It (Gleam Garden)
  2. Wandering...2...3...4 (Browntrout)
  3. Highballs (The Because)
  4. It's On LC Display, Not CRT Display (Your Pest Band)

Pressing Information

Mixed Colour Vinyl