The Credentials/ Dead Uncles Split 7"/ 86'd Records and Fanzine 7"s


Split single with the longest song (and possibly best?) yet from each of these prolific road-worn East Coast D.I.Y. punk bands. Dead Uncles, from New Haven, CT, gives us "Constant Disappointment" a perfect 3 minute-plus shouted and sloppy pop-punk song with catchy hooks crescendoing into the awesome refrain of "I swear I'll never surrender" beating back the apathy and misery of the first half of the song. The Credentials clock in at almost 4 minutes with "Sulk," a tighter, more proficient and "mature" take on their earlier stuff, but still drunk, bored, desperate, and - of course hopeful - pop-punk from the Boston area 3-piece.

Packaged in a cardboard 7" sleeve with a removable paper strip with all the artwork being a collaboration between the bands. Mastered at Mammouth Sound Mastering by Dan Randall.

Pressing Information

Black Vinyl