Fist City: Buried/Cryptic Transmissions 7″ 7"s


Yet another great band rides into my pinheaded eastern consciousness on the gust of a Chinook, and I like them awfully a lot. Fist City continue the national tradition of dirty and inventive acts bursting from the region, with their latest release channeling a singular sound through two songs that feel totally different. No easy feat. “Buried” is a classic surf-stomper in a shadowy vein with siblings Kier and Brittany Griffiths’ Jello-Biafra-meets-Kristen-Hersh vox lending a leathery urgency. “Cryptic Transmissions” lives up it its title — a blast of post-punk that boasts an almost malignant electricity. The same guitar tone that lent “Buried” its Batusi magic has now crawled into a sharper hollow zone. The tune feels frantic and breathless and desperate and at the same time perfectly dead. Pretty magical.

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Black Vinyl