GG KING - Two Track Party Pack 7"/ Red Lounge Records 7"s


Der Sänger der legendären CARBONAS (aus ihnen gingen Bands wie Gentleman Jesse, Ex Humans, Beat Beat Beat uvm hervor) legt hier zwei Hammer Tanzbrecher hin..wenn ihr wisst wie man tanzt!!! "Day into Night" ist ein altes Carbonas Lied, das nie fertig aufgenommen wurde. "Drug Induced State" is ein Cover der TExas Punk Legende Ralphs. Killer Orgel die Digital Leather Fans schwach werden lässt!!

2 Dancers if you know how to dance: Day into nights is a final CARBONAS song that never got recorded/released. Drug induced state is a Ralphs cover, with an organ that will give Digital Leather a run for their money! Very excited about this one...we are excited about all our releases, rest asure but.... Greg used to off course sing for the almighty Carbonas, who are for one reason or another absent without leave

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Black Vinyl