No Ditching/ Baby Ghosts 7"/ Drunken Sailor Records (DrunkenSailor 053) 7"s


No Ditching are a five piece band from the village of Pity Me, Durham. The band consists of Naomi on vocals and guitar, Freya on bass, Kate on drums, Elle playing an extra tom drum, and Laura on guitar.
From Pity Me, Durham and featuring members of featuring members of Fashanu, Jazz in My Pants and Bear Park and of course Martha, ever since I heard their demo I was addicted.
Raw, snotty punk, kinda Raincoats meet Les Calamites.
Two brand new songs, world domination awaits.

Coming off the back of their amazing LP 'Maybe Ghosts, Baby Ghosts are back with their first new song in a while. And what an absolute banger it is. Garage rock sounds tucked behind blaring punk goodness.
Baby Ghosts blend of high-powered guitar, tight percussion and vocals that pop with snarling, dynamic energy is proof that punk can be impressively executed but still a total blast to listen to.

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Pressing Information

100 on Purple Vinyl, 400 on Black Vinyl