Leaders/ Tokyo Sex Destruction SPLIT LP/ Red Lounge Records New Stuff


What a nifty little record this will be! First up: THE LEADERS from PORTLAND, Oregon with their dazzling mix of Modern Electronic and Garage mixed with slices of Braingrinding Psychedelic. If you think these guys are way to good to be new kids on the block..you is darn right honey..they used to be the FIREBALLS OF FREEDOM and "The Rectangles" and had amongst others records out on Estrus, Dirtnap and Empty Records.

TOKYO SEX DESTRUCTION of course are Spains finest export since Senioritas and Pan Y Regaliz!!! True Underground Superstars they worked their way to the top build on 60ties drenched Detroit Action Rock with a touch of sexy Spain! So Good looking these Boys!! They are the Most explosive Garage Rockers to hit the Old World in years and this record will be the most explosive thing to come out of Karlsruhe since MC5 played here last in 1972 !!

Pressing Information

Black Vinyl