DIXIGAS - For the love of propane 10"/ Red Lounge Records New Stuff


The 2 Men Country Handgranade. Jay (Man VS Humanity/The Equal Men / Wawn) and Tex (Real Turds/ Royal Turds/ Gestapo Cops Innsbruck/ Caun) are rollin and stomping. Accoustic Guitar Mayham! No lame Ramones/ Johnny Cash Covers here...we are the Overlords Of Propane! 10 Cent Hookers, Date Murder, Family Violence..all the good stuff! We'll stick a pen in your open eye and watch ya dance!!

GONER RECORDS SAYS: Martin from Red Lounge / Real Turds cuts loose with the low-down accoustic raunch... think Lightning Beatman meets propane. In fact, "The Lightning Beatman Is A Motherfucker" just might be the hit on here... 10 tracks, made in Karlsruhe, Germany.

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Black Vinyl