Real Turds ‎– Leibstandarte Traci Lords LP/ Red Lounge Records New Stuff


The Real Turds are Karlsruhes Flagship when it comes to organ-driven-punk-a-go-go!!! Great melody oriented garage sounds which give you a retro feel yet never make you think of the past. Great lyrics that do not rotate around words like "rocknroll", "hell yeah" or other blunt stuff like that. After touring extensively with bands like the Sons Of Cyrus,columbian Neckties and the dutch Berserkerz, here is what e.g. the Dutch Press had to say about the Real Turds: "the leadsinger from the Real Turds behaves like a chubby Mick Jagger and is a cheerleader-style wild dancer". Now, we are not sure what this means but think it is a great compliment! Couldnt have said it better myself! Great stuff on this album and a great cover as well, drawn by no other than Ray Ahn from the Hard-ons. Yupp!

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Black Vinyl