GO! WITH FOURTEEN O - The End Is Near Almost No Need For Money LP/ Red Lounge Records New Stuff


Dennis and Simon from GWFO are to bloody young to be in as many bands as they are in, the were a bitch to persuade to even release this as a real record ( 6 month?? homemade as fuck diy cdrs sounded just fine to them!) and now that we got all things going they decided to take a break from this band...wow! Boy, am I thrilled! But hey..and nothin like a release that's guaranteed to take you down a dead end street with 120 mph!! Which brings us straight to the most important thing here..the music: great retro nitendo sounds with high energy hate screams on top..you could call it nitendo core but that's like calling the Avengers Girlie Rock...enough hate here for 10, live even more!!

If you see Bourbonese Qualk "My Government is my Soul" as the Velvet Underground of the eighties (rather than some obvious joice like JATMC!), and the Oblivians as the choice for the ninties, then hey..this is the VU of the 2000th!!! Did I just say that?? Well put one of them Jesusbuttblugs up yours and enjoy a musical sample at:

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