LENGUAS LARGAS - Abba Daddy LP/ Red Lounge Records New Stuff


Deluxe Gatefold Sleeve, includes a boardgame (!!!)

It was a muddy afternoon at Gonerfest when a bunch of mac-job-purveors entered the stage and it looked like it was to many to mow the lawn...There was a short calm before the storm that started to build on stage... choir-like singing (vienna style) when suddenly conversations stopped and heads started to turn and the crowd started to realize... the Beach Boys finally found their long lost chicano brother and decided to make a psychedelic flavored comeback album that was void of radiofriendly hits! He had gotten stuck on a backyard party with some pretty girls missing the Beach Boys tour bus back across the border. He traded fame n fortune for some weed and BBQ and made these dreamy psychede-la-poppy sounds. Breaking down the walls of "song" as we know it, expanding the frame of the word "band" to brotherhood and familly... ever growing... with people coming in and out of the room we call stage and leaving at their own speed to get back to that backyard BBQ. We totally ripped him off and made a record out of it!

Opens up into a bordgame Lenguas Y Escaleras. Comes with cutout playingPieces.Go Drive the Lenguas Largas Record Car!!

2016...it is a good year!!!

Pressing Information

Black Vinyl with BOARD GAME!