Modern Delusion - Days Of Us LP/ Doomtown LPs


After two releases on Doomtown records, Wasteland tape and split single with Chresus Jist, this synth-oriented, gloomy post punk trio from Zagreb city managed to craft twelve memorable songs for their highly anticipated debut LP.

"Days of Us" captures bleak atmosphere and isolation caused by living in the big city on some shitty part of the world and the 4-track lo-fi production doesn't hurt either. Wide range of influences come from some classic synth punk sounds like Devo, The Screamers or Units and there's definitely some obvious influence from Yugoslavian post-punk/new wave scene and bands such as Paraf and some contemporary stuff not unlike Jay Reatard's Lost Sounds. But this is not straight up death rock, post-punk or goth revival band, Modern Delusion build up their own trademark sound with strong melancholic touch and vocals soaked in reverb backed up with punk attitude and primitive raw sound.

Modern Delusion are one of the most hardworking active bands in Croatia. The band managed to play bunch of shows around region and they did two European tours while still managed to put out 3 releases in the period of only year and a half of existence. That's quite impressive for the band from this part of the world we must say

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