QUINTRON- Erotomania LP/ Mind Meld Total Punk


The concept at Mind Meld is to give our favorite artists an outlet to create whatever kind of record they want in hopes of getting a better understanding of their cranial workings. There is no current artist more fascinating to me than Quintron and I'm honored he agreed to be our second release. Armed with a mellotron he turns in a six song instrumental 12" of late night exotica and wacked out dixieland. Each track sets a mood and leads the mind to wander through the fantastical. It's a party record but not of the lamp shade variety. Vibe music to get the soul dancing. Perfect for the late nite soiree, the dark basement lounge, or a tropical getaway. I can't think of a setting where this album wouldn't fit. Hell you could probably play this at a funeral and get the corpse moving. An album for daydreaming and night living. Wild, weird, and absolutely engrossing.

"The songs come across as a bizarro-world take on the exotica oddness of Martin Denny and Les Baxter, and the record’s vibe is something like “Tiki Bar at the End of Time.” Pick a riff from any track, and you could turn it into the leitmotif for a groovy B-movie bad guy — one who digs composers like Raymond Scott and Terry Riley, anyway."- Nashville Scene

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Black Vinyl