True Sons Of Thunder - Age Old Effrontery EP 7"/ Goodbye Boozy New Stuff


With an enormous, almost Masonic line-up, chosen among the most depraved talents of Memphis punk / garage, among which we find former members of Mangina, Rat Traps, Manatees, Dutch Masters, Perfect Fits or Eric Field himself from The Oblivians , this quintet that responds to the grandicoluent and descriptive name of True Sons Of Thunder, for its sporadic and volatile idiosyncrasy is one of the best kept secrets of that famous southern city, to which its fabulous and rude punk scene decades ago / garage made us forget that she was the one that saw Elvis born one day.
The ephemeral nature of this strong formation, which has kept it practically restricted to the local level, has made the fragrance of its particularly thunderous and oily sound, surly and depraved as few, not as well known, despite counting on it with a couple of long edits early last decade on the Jeth-Row and Little Big Chief, plus a couple of singles, the latest on the Goner Records.
This 7 ′′ inches at the Goodbye Boozy records along with a new album co-edited by Mind Meld and our always favorite Total Punk, mark the return of these ′′ True Sons of Thunder ", in this case not exaggerated denomination , that when you hear them you will see is faithful reflection of a sound that by swampy and filthy is more than appropriate for this 2020, than by infection, or perhaps precisely for that, could not be more splendid creatively. - "Tremendo Garaje"

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Black Vinyl