JOHN DU CANN - Thanx For Nothing LP/ Just Add Water LPs


This is Just Add Water's second LP of John Du Cann's recordings from the '76-'77 era. This time around John handles all guitar and bass duties with Paul Hammond on drums. This album should definitely be seen as a companion to his 'The World's Not Big Enough' LP, recorded in 1977. These tracks are literally the bonus tunes that originally appeared on the long out-of-print and rare 1999 CD version of 'The World's Not Big Enough'. These songs were sourced directly from John Du Cann's personal tapes. Two of the tunes, 'Moody Child' and 'I Want To Be Alone' were re-recorded by Du Cann in 1980 when Atomic Rooster reunited for their fantastic self-titled album.

Pressing Information

Black Vinyl