Various - Bloodstains Across Northern Ireland LP LPs


If you thought all those volumes of DIY sounded too well-landscaped, then let's turn over the punk rock roundabout 1979 and see what crawled around where the sun hardly shone. Often these Bloodstains Across... (pick any country from the Western hemisphere) are dedicated to your more scabby, shouty punk rock but since Ireland took to the more pop/glam side of things, you're gonna hear a whole lot more hooks per RPM here more than elsewhere in the series. So, while some raw-as-shit punk can also be found herein, pop runs amok with The Moondogs, Midnite Cruisers, Protex, The Xdreamysts, and Rudi. Also features Ruefrex, Electro-Motive Force, Ex-Producers, The Androids, Victim, The Detonators, Pretty Boy Floyd And The Gems, The Doubt, and The Defects.

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Black Vinyl