Nathy SG - tl;dr/Aotearoa 7"/ Cowie Jaw New Stuff


Nathan out of Martha, this is really good and you need it, life affirming shit and all that m8

the second nathy sg release is another 7" single! this one has two songs, 'tl;dr (write it down)' and 'aotearoa (shut me out)'. both are in the key of g. one song is about how much I hate admin, the other is about wanting to visit aotearoa/new zealand. please buy a copy! it’s a perfect gift for a diy punk pal in your life (assuming they like this kind of thing).

the 7" comes with a free pdf download of 'nathy zine: issue 1'. it’s 20 pages long, and features a comic, an interview with ellis from trust fund (thanks ellis), song lyrics and liner notes, lots of artwork, some 'activities', a back cover illustration by joe munsey and plenty of other weird nathy rambling. I didn't proof read it.

cowie jaw recordings (CXJ002). 300 copies on eco-mix vinyl. (eco-mix vinyl is created by recycling the offcuts from other pressings. it is therefore may be a bit of a lucky dip on colour from record to record).

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