VARIOUS "Order Of The Kite Volume 2" 2LP/ Order New Stuff


Double album compilation of some of the best and most collectable Japanese hardcore releases from the 1980s. This 2LP set presented in a heavy board wide spine jacket serves as a who's who of Japan's 80's underground scene. Features 28 songs by The Clay, Bitousha, Dead Person, LSD, Final Count, and The Execute. All essential, all killer!

SIDE A: THE CLAY ‘THE MIDDLE EAST COMBAT AREA’ 7” 1984 DOGMA 1. The Demilitarized Neutrality 2. Fight for your Rights 3. The Middle East Combat Area 4. Future Terror (‘Great Punk Hits’ LP compilation 1983 Japan Records) 5. Militia (‘Great Punk Hits’ LP compilation 1983 Japan Records) 6. Freeze Bomb/Distraction Symbol/The War to End War/War Crimes/Black Flag (‘Hold Up Omnibus’ 8” compilation 1985 Hold-up Records)

SIDE B: BITOUSHA ‘HIROMI’S PARTY PART 1’ 7” FLEXI 1984 ACS 1. Giseisha to Shiteno Kyouraku 2. Batou Kansha 3. Kyouja to Shiteno Koufuku DEAD PERSON 7” FLEXI 1987 STOMPING RECORDS 4. No Marcy Surviving 5. M.D.I. 6. Charge in Trap 7. Shout 8. No Money

SIDE C: LSD ‘DESTROY’ 7” FLEXI 1985 ADK 1. Zouaku Sensou/LSD 2. Warst Time 3. Kill You/LSD (inst) FINAL COUNT 7” FLEXI 1988 FINAL-1 4. Imitate a Human 5. Silence 6. Will Full Life 7. No Follow the Fashion 8. Double Faced Person 9. Organization (‘Enjoy Your Youth’ LP compilation 1988 Adventure Family)

SIDE D: THE EXECUTE ‘ CRIMINAL FLOWERS’ 7” 1984 HIT PARADE 1. Criminal Flowers Part 1+2 2. Slash 3. Moron 4. The Voice (‘Great Punk Hits’ LP compilation 1983 Japan Records) 5. Sag (‘Great Punk Hits’ LP compilation 1983 Japan Records)

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