O​-​D​-​EX - Breaker LP/ Dirtnap New Stuff


O-D-EX is an electronic noise punk project from Mark Ryan (Marked Men, Mind Spiders) and Micah Why (Kitbashes, Mission Giant, Faux Fox). Born out of frustration with analog fetishism and too many human band mates, O-D-EX uses the immediacy of digital noise and trashy drum samples to transmit ideas directly into existence. Main influences: Chrome and Mantronix.

Breaker is the debut LP from O-D-EX. This is a one-time only pressing of 500 (300 on black, 200 on white, the latter of which is available via mailorder only) and will sell out quickly. Another new Ryan band is already in the works for Dirtnap, stay tuned for more details.

Pressing Information

Black Vinyl